Monday, December 4, 2017

Azure Container Instance (4): Integrating with Logic App

Azure Logic Apps are very useful tools to automate workflows and business processes. Azure Container Instances have been integrated with Logic Apps, and you have more flexibility to integrate systems and services for your organization with the integration.

This blog is going to show you how to utilize Azure Container Instances with Logic App. A container group is created when there is a new RSS feed and it would to uploaded to Azure file storage automatically. The high-level logic app workflow looks like:

Let’s monitor the RSS feed at, and the workflow will be trigger when a new feed is available. The trigger looks like:

And then let’s create an action to create container group. Firstly, we set the subscription Id, resource group, container group name, and location:

 And then we define a container inside the container group. The following is an example:

Finally, we have more settings for the container group, as shown below:

An Azure file share is mounted as a volume in the container.  When a new RSS feed is available, its title will be echoed and appended into the file feed.txt of the mounted volume. We can read all titles of the feeds via Azure portal.

In your scenarios you may do more interesting works with containers, such analyzing the news, getting statistical information like word frequency, or sending you an email if the news is about a company you are interested in. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you define the container.

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